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Housewife Fucking|part 2

I came home from the office early one evening and my wife Debbie was no where to be found. So not thinking anything about it I stripped down and got on my swim trunks. I mixed a drink and went out to catch some rays. I was sitting there relaxing when heard voices.

Now not thinking myself crazy I strained an ear listening. I got up and walked over to the wall, I was standing there drinking my drink when I heard my wife tell Marcy that she wanted to but she could not figure out a way of approaching Paul, that’s me, about it. I stood there listening while Marcy talked about how good the money was and most night the johns were ok, and the nights they weren’t she just pretended they were.

I couldn’t believe my loyal wife was actually having a conversation that sounded like she was considering become a whore like our next door neighbor. Debbie has always been a good housewife – it was hard to imagine her taking on men for money. The thought of my housewife fucking strange men was disturbing and exciting too.

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